Fanta Red Berry Review

Fanta Red Berry Review

 Fanta Red Fruits arrived in the UK in 2011. It consists of apple (not a red fruit), blackcurrant and raspberry. When it came out, it was only available in ASDA, but now you can get it in any good store in UK.


How does it taste? Very good. It's definitely got a lovely bold "red" taste, and for some reason it reminded me a little bit of wine, but, y'know actually nice and refreshing (I don't like wine). Both the blackcurrant and raspberry flavours are pretty noticeable, and they blend together really well.


Fanta Red Fruits is only available in the UK.

It is available as a 2 litre and a 500ml bottle.

It is also available as a 330ml can, although this is not mentioned on the website.

Fanta 'Red Fruit' was once available in the Netherlands, but for a limited time.